Friday, April 25, 2014

Seven Quick Takes Friday: My Boyfriend the Pirate (and more)


I didn't become Catholic even though I am going through RCIA.  (Our priest says he continues as long as he feels it is needed to cover everything.  That combined with our harsh winter, it's normal that there are make-up classes in everything right now.  One public school was wondering for a while if they would have to make July 4 a school holiday for the firs time ever.)  This coming week's RCIA class is about how the end times and the Catholic belief system.  I didn't become Catholic at this point because I disagree with anything I've learned.  It's that my life wasn't such that I could focus on what needed to be focused on when joining the Church.


On Palm Sunday,  we ended up taking a nap on Saturday, thus didn't go to our normal church.  Slept in on Sunday, and needed to look for a church with a Sunday evening service.  There is one on a college campus an hour away that has a service at nine in the evening.  We went, and that was the first time I'd been on campus in almost 15 years.  (I graduated from there.)  It was fun to walk around the student union, library (which I rarely visited when I was a student and my grades showed it) and of course seeing how things have changed and stayed the same.  When I was a young'in I didn't have cell phones like these young whippersnappers these days.   lol  At the service, there were about five people (including the priest, my boyfriend and me) who were above the age of 25 in attendance.


The priest called me young lady on my way out the door.   I don't know that I am a young lady anymore, but I'll certainly take it.


My boyfriend is a Pirate.  At least in this video he did to try and win $500 from the local bank.  We found the costume for $10 at Goodwill and have had a whole treasure-full of laughs from it.  Now watch the video or we'll make you walk the plank!  LOL

My boyfriend has found a job.  We were talking of doing "Crazy Road Trip" to visit some friends. But he found a job, and so being responsible is the adult thing to do right now.  We were planning to go visit friends in New Mexico and take a stop in Kansas, but obviously that won't be happening, but I have to say I'm glad for the extra income.  Mom didn't leave a will and bills are continuing to come in.  Not sure at this point what I will have to pay and what I won't, but so far they total over $10,000.  Used to be that when you died, your debts died with you, not so if you don't have a will and had a house you are planning on leaving to someone, as I am quickly learning.  


Since last time I have "Quick Takes Friday" I went to a Geocaching Maker Madness event where I got to meet some other geocachers and we learned how to make a creative geocache.  We took a fake snake, spray painted it, and used electrical tape to attach a cache to it.  We added a log and it's all ready to be hidden!  Also, we went to a community health fair.  We had hoped to win a year's membership to the local pool.  Exercise is so important to me with my health problems and we had hoped we could win what we needed, but we didn't so it's back to listing on eBay to try and make the money that way.  We did come home with a tiny tub of Play-Doh, 17 pens, and a deck of playing cards.  We got a lot of loot, so maybe it was worth going anyway.  But now need to come up with $405 for the year long gym membership.  (I was a member last year until my Mom got sick.  I went nearly every day until she started needing a lot of care.  I would like to be going again.)


Easter Sunday, a friend texted knowning it would be just my boyfriend and me for the day.  She didn't visit her family, so she invited us over for dinner and told us to bring a game.  We bought the Pandemic Board Game for my boyfriend's brother for Christmas and had such a good time playing it, we bought one for ourselves.  We took it, and my boyfriend, my friend, her nine year old son, and I saved the world from an onslaught of disease -- by one card.  It looked hopeless and "disease" was spreading rampant but at the 11th hour of the game we cured the last disease and therefore won.  (It's a great game in the fact that you either win as a team or lose as a team.  There's no competition between players.)   But such is life when you live too far to make a visit feasable to your boyfriend's family and both your parents are no longer living.   I was very thankful she invited us over for the evening.

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  1. Love the pirate/bank commercial. Cute bf! :)