Friday, May 2, 2014

Seven Quick Takes Friday: I own a Banana Suit. Really.


I own a banana suit.  Really.

I entered a Del Monte giveaway on Facebook at one point in time and this was my prize.  


The reason I mention the above is because Jennifer Fulwiler, hostess of Quick Takes Friday had her book Something Other Than God: How I Passionately Sought Happiness and Accidentally Found It released this week and she is giving away an Amazon gift card and a banana suit to someone who links up to Quick Takes Friday and mentions her book.  She said a $20 gift card is substitutable for the banana suit but only if you own two as the only "acceptable reason".  ha ha!  Anyway I wanted to make sure she knew I already own one, just in case.  I mean, how many people own a banana suit?


Today was the first garage sale of the year. At first I thought it was a bust, but ended up spending $15, and all of the items will eventually be sold on eBay.  I think I found some good stuff, but need to do more research.  I know what will eventually happen is I SAY I will do more research, but will end up doing nothing and throwing the items on at some point in the future when I'm tired of looking at them.


My boyfriend got a job.  This is a huge relief as he has been unemployed since late November when he moved here to help me take care of my mother.  Since she passed away in February, things have been so stressful, and finally things calmed enough he could start looking.  His boss and I went to school together, but I somehow think I'm his tougher boss.  ha ha!


This was another fun week at RCIA.  Our priest says he will keep going until he (and we) feel like we're finished.  This week we took a tour of the church, at our request.  Learned about all the different parts of the sanctuary.  Before class started, a lady came in the room and said, "Is this seat saved?"  I answered without hesitation, "No, but it is under conviction."   My priest and I were the only ones who laughed.  


I redeemed some credit card rewards this week.  I think we soon will be grilling out on a new grill that cost us nothing.  Unless something more demanding comes up that I need to use the rewards gift cards for that instead of the grill we have had our eye on.  And you can't beat free.


Tomorrow is another health fair.  I love health fairs.  All the free pens, giveaways (I once won a $20 Wal-Mart card when I signed up for the drawing at the Crisis Pregnancy Center booth while I was chatting with a friend's mom.  You don't want to know what my mother thought when she got the message on the phone for me from the pregnancy center!  One good thing about cell phones is a bit more privacy and mothers don't get all upset when you win $20 from the Crisis Pregnancy Center at the Health Fair.)  There is also blood testing (can't eat until after I've had my blood work done!)  Also, did I mention free pens?

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  1. I know! Who owns a banana suit? I mean, I do, but I don't think the average person does! :)

  2. I love that you have a banana suit!